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Term 2 Program now up!

Term 3 2019
Childrens Art Classes - amazing art projects  to make your child smile!








Session Times:

Ages 5-11,  Mondays 6 week Term

30th October - 4th December

$150 per Term, (spaces limited)

About Cathy..

Cathy has been involved in education, art and design for over 30 years. She is a qualified teacher and counsellor and has worked with both children and adults in a variety of theraputic and educational settings. She is dedicated to being part of the solution when it comes to kids dealing with anxiety issues.

Mixed Bag

Each week we look at a different creative technique and subject to enjoy expressing ourselves through art. Subject focus is led by the children in the group and their own interests. All our classes encourage self esteem in a nurturing environment by fostering a positive attitude to art and self expression. It is our goal each week the students create something they are proud of. View our gallery to see some of their amazing work. (Mixed Media)

Ages 5 - 8 

Tuesday 6th August - 17th September

3.30 - 4.45pm

Seven weeks ($175 +GST) all materials provided

Ink! Learn to Draw (ages 9+)

Creative Expression Classes and learn to draw!
 Facilitated by working artist and illustrator Jodie Davidson with a focus on drawing skills and techniques, colour work and painting techniques.
Develop your own style using ink, pencil, acrylic and watercolour.
Fabulous for kids interested in building a portfolio for art GATE courses.
Term 3: Wednesday 7th August- 18th September (7 weeks)
Wednesday 3.45 - 5pm 
Ages 9+
Seven weeks ($175 +GST) all materials provided plus a visual diary

Magic and Masters 

Using children's books and the artistic masters, we explore a different style and theme each week. Whether it be the magic of Alice in Wonderland or Picasso's 'Le Coq', there is inspiration for our young artists to create their own masterpieces. Includes an introduction to the colour wheel, learning different drawing and painting techniques and colour mixing.  (Mixed media) Each term has a different subject focus. 

Term 3, 2019 

Thursday 8th August - 19th September;  3.45 - 5pm (Ages 5-10)

Seven weeks ($175 +GST) 

3.30 - 4.45

Petite Artistes

For 18m-3 year olds, with parent/caregiver. This session encourages creativity through both art process and product. It is a special session designed to strengthen the bond between mother, carer and child through creative expression. Assist your child in creating something beautiful in a relaxed atmosphere. Each Petite Artiste session also includes music, movement, Montessori-inspired activities and sensory invitations to play.

Term 3 :  (7 weeks) 6th August - 19th September

Tuesday 10am -11.30am

Wednesday 10am - 11.30am 

Thursday 9.30 - 10.45am @ PLC LIGHTHOUSE (Ages 18m-3 with parent), 6 weeks $150

($175 (+ GST) for 8 weeks, all materials included

Subsequent siblings participating $10 per class ($35 for two children)



Creative Explorers
Pre-school / Kindy Art Class (Ages 3-5)

Using different mediums and themes each week, we explore colour, texture, paint and sculpture. With a mix of nature, animal studies, children's stories and your child's interests we go on an artistic journey to create our own masterpieces. Parents are welcome but not required to stay. (Mixed media)

Term 3: 6th August - 19th September

Tuesday 1pm - 2.15pm 

Wednesday 1pm - 2.15pm

Thursday  1pm - 2..15pm 

Thursday @ PLC LIGHTHOUSE 11am -  

($175 (+GST) for 7 weeks, all materials included)

Subsequent siblings participating $10 per class ($35 for two children)



J Club

A relaxing creative session where we focus on positivity and self esteem. 

We begin the class with gentle yoga stretching, mindfulness exercises, and positive affirmations. In our small group we discuss the ways we can regulate our emotions and understand our minds a little more to deal with tricky situations. We then use ink, water colours, pen, paint and pencil to create a different art journal page each week.

Course includes take home visual diary journal and all materials.

Suitable for ages 7-11

Wednesday 30th October - 4th December 3.45 -5pm

$132 for six week series

Building resilience through art:

A therapeutic approach

Art of the Heart sessions are specifically designed to help children work through challenges they might have with other kids or obstacles in their lives.
The aim of the group sessions is to provide a source of support for children dealing with difficult friends, anxiety or incidents of bullying.
Children use a variety of art materials through drawing, painting, constructing and sculpting to visually express their experiences and feelings in a supportive and nurturing environment. Art is a spontaneous, natural medium and a great means of communication for children. It can provide a way of unburdening the stresses in their lives.  The emphasis is on the process of creating rather than the end product. Therefore art ability is not necessary to benefit from these sessions.
Art of the Heart sessions allow children time to process and understand their situation and helps gain skills to overcome the tough times in their lives.

Topics Covered: Self perception • Managing emotions • Healthy relationships • Inner strength • Solution tools

Benefits of group work: Relaxed and non-threatening • Peer validation • Confidentiality • Group support • Sharing ideas

For more information and to book, please email: [email protected]

We LOVE books at PLAYworks and our Children's Art Classes have a literacy element woven into the learning.
Our art classes come with all materials supplied and an introduction into colour mixing and the colour wheel.
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