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Term 2 Program now up!


For further details and booking forms please visit the website 
You can also check us out on Facebook - SigningHandsPerth.

Term 1: Thursdays 9.30 - 10.30

February 21st - 28th March

$120 for 6 week term


Introductory 45 minute Classes

4 Week Massage and Parenting Course
Mon 11 Feb, Mon 18 Feb, Mon 25 Feb, Mon 4 March - 4 Week Parenting Course event, $130 link:

Fri 15 Feb, Fri 22 Feb, Fri 1 March, Fri 8 March - 4 Week Parenting Course event, $130 link:

Signing Hands

Signing Hands is the leading provider of Baby, Toddler & Kindy Signing classes in WA.
that teaching your baby to sign reduces frustration, crying & tantrums. It helps develop early speech, improves concentration and can increase IQ.
Signing Hands classes are fun, teaching signs through stories, songs, rhymes & play. Have fun while you learn!
All signs are Australian Sign Language – as used within the deaf community, schools and day care centres.
The courses for toddlers and Kindy kids are active, involving songs, puppets, stories, music/dance & craft.
No previous signing experience required. This is a fantastic life skill to learn with your child.
Mondays from 2-5pm. 
2-3pm Babies
3-4pm Toddlers &
4-5pm Kindy

Little Stars

Help your child shine!

Let your child join in our colourful adventure stories Each week they will sing songs, play games, dance, stretch and relax, listening to stories. Your child will have so much fun while engaging in activities that aid language, physical and emotional development.

Benefits for your child
  • Improved physical skills through dance and movement 
  • Improved creativity and communication through songs and play
  • Improved balance and control through stretches
  • Improved social skills through peer massage and positive touch
  • Improved sleep and relaxation with breathing exercises
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem with positive affirmations
  • Improved imagination, creativity and calm with simple visualisation stories
  • It's interactive!

You can join in and bond with your child as they explore, sing, move, play and relax. 

Endorsed by the NHS, this UK based program has proven results to benefit the well being of children. Come for a free first visit trial

Baby Massage Classes

Baby Massage Perth offer's parents Baby/Infant Massage Classes to Pregnant Mums, newborn babies through to 18 months the life skills that are carried out through to Schooling years. 

Learning the right massage techniques from a Qualified Instructor will teach you everything you need to know - a skill for life!


Once you start to regularly massaging your baby you will notice many benefits.  Massage can help your child settle, reduce crying time, relieve problems such as colic, wind, constipation, colic, reflux, eczema plus so much more.  It can even help reduce post-natal depression.  Baby massage is a valuable gift for both you and your baby.  


Lucy Brown, Founder and Owner of Baby Massage Perth is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor by IMIS (Infant Massage Information Service).  Baby Massage Perth class attendees are welcomed into the online private community group where they are provided with education, resources, opportunity to can ask questions, support and make new friends to help make a community.    


Baby Massage Perth offers a safe, relaxing, non-judgemental place for parents to enjoy life skills to empower themselves.  Class offered are an Introductory Class to a complete 4 weekly complete Parenting course in Baby Massage to Private 1:1 classes.


Bookings are essential for Lucy's Classes as they frequently sell out.