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Term 2 Program now up!

PLAYworks is proud to offer the following classes at
PLC Perth Lighthouse Wellbeing Centre, McNeil St Peppermint Grove. 


Petite Artists @ PLC Lighthouse

For 18m-3 year olds, with parent/caregiver. This session encourages creativity through both art process and product. In our busy lives it is sometimes hard to find time to direct your attention solely on your child. Petite Artists is an hour a week where you can. It is a special session that supports a shared experience between mother, carer and child through creative expression. Assist your child in creating something beautiful in a relaxed atmosphere. Each Petite Artists session also includes music, movement, Montessori-inspired activities and sensory invitations to play.

(Mid term enrolments accepted)

Thursday 9.30 – 10.45am group size 8

Cost $215 per 8 week Term 1 (Thursday 14th Feb - 4th April)



Creative Explorers @ PLC Lighthouse

An art class especially for kindy kids. Using different mediums and themes each week, we explore colour, texture, paint and sculpture with your child. With a mix of nature, animal studies, children's stories and your child's interests we go on an artistic journey to create our own masterpieces. Parents are welcome but not required to stay. (Mixed media)

(Mid term enrolments accepted)

Thursday 11.00 – 12.00pm group size 8

Cost $215 per 8 week Term (Thursday 14th Feb - 4th April)

RelaxKids Little Stars

Let your child join in our colourful adventure stories Each week they will sing songs, play games, dance, stretch and relax, listening to stories. Your child will have so much fun while engaging in activities that aid language, physical and emotional development.

Especially designed for 3-5 year olds, RelaxKids is an evidence-based program that has been proven to give your child:

Improved physical skills through dance and movement
Improved creativity and communication through songs and play
Improved balance and control through stretches
Improved social skills through peer massage and positive touch
Improved sleep and relaxation with breathing exercises
Improved confidence and self-esteem with positive affirmations
Improved imagination, creativity and calm with simple visualisation stories

Brand new to Perth, join us for this wonderful relaxing session with your child.

Monday 10am - 11am 11th Feb - 25th March (6 weeks) $120