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This winter we've got quite the workshop line up - from pirates to planets, storms and spies. Come paint wintery ice bergs, or all-seeing orbs... or even for the first time ever - learn the basics behind drums! This winter program is packed full of exciting activities for a range of ages, just check each workshop description to see if it's the right age range for your child.

All our workshops are morning classes, run from 9am-12pm at The Bay Road Collective (3 Bay Rd, Claremont) with a fruit morning tea provided. This holidays we are also offering full-day booking options, running from 9am-3pm, which include the morning workshop, lunch break, and 'Arty-noon' session - a chilled out arvo of art and craft activities, with a different creative prompt each day!

For any questions or inquiries, contact, or call Hudson on 0452600373.

Looking forward to seeing you this holidays!

Arcane Artefacts

Enchanted books and flaming swords - let your imagination run wild creating different magic items! Using acrylic on stained paper, we’ll be painting fantasy items with magic effects, and coming up with a story of each to top it off!

Ages 6-13

Creative Thinkers

Follow Wilbur the Worm on a perilous adventure, completing a series of group activities where you’ll have to think, shake, move and break your way through. From bridges to catapults, pirates and gummi worms - this is a problem-solving workshop perfect for older kids wanting a challenge!

Ages 7-12

Peculiar Planets

In a galaxy far far away… there are planets with swirling colours! In an exciting new workshop, we’ll be using high flow acrylic to create wall-hanging planets, and decorated with a collage of space ships, aliens, and stars!

Ages 7-13

Pesky Pirates

The only thing scarier than a pirate ship at sea, is the sea monsters lurking below! Learn how to paint an acrylic and collage piece with billowing sails, mighty cannons, and mythical monsters from the ocean!

Ages 6-13

Pots, Pans and Little Bands

Form a percussion ensemble that can be recreated in your kitchen! Learn to keep in time with a band, the basics of sheet music, and perform in a 3-piece percussion arrangement. A Workshop designed as a performing opportunity for our little rockstars, powered by Perth Lessons.

Ages 6-10

Spies and Secrets

Step back in time to learn about different forms of secret codes, used by spies all the way back to Ancient Roman times! Create your own code cipher, secret signals, and a spy guide to take home!

Ages 6-13

Super Storms

Get the creative sparks flying, with an acrylic piece focused on lightning effects! Working with landscape and skyline, learn useful layering techniques to bring the lightning to life!

Ages 6-13

Wintery Watercolour

Using water colour gradient techniques and fine-ink shading, create dramatic icebergs decorated with arctic creatures. A great workshop for those who want to learn how to level up their fine art skills, and use a couple art hacks to create visually impactful watercolour pieces.

Ages 6-13

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