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Grow Your Strong: 

Teen and Tween Girls Retreat

We want our daughters to become strong, confident young women and during these tween years the path can be pretty rocky. This retreat will help your daughter find, acknowledge and celebrate her character strengths to help her navigate a happy, healthy path.

Grow Your Strong is an engaging and empowering day designed to give your 11-14 year old daughter an opportunity to identify her character strengths and develop a tool kit of techniques to navigate tricky teen situations.
The retreat is set in a relaxed, warm environment where she will discover and acknowledge her strengths through creative journalling, mindfulness techniques, confidence-building games, yoga and meditation. 

Our experienced facilitators will guide your daughter to explore: 

  • positive self-talk and helpful thinking
  • how to quieten self-criticism that can occur when faced with a challenge;  
  • Set goals to make healthy living and helpful thinking a part of every day. 
In addition to all of this, your daughter will receive: 
  • A healthy lunch, morning and afternoon tea; 
  • Journal to keep
  • Strengths tote bag
  • A two and half hour follow up session the next day

Saturday 25th November 9-4pm
Sunday 26th November 10 -12.30


Friday 8th December 9 - 4pm
Saturday 9th December 10 - 12.30
$195 per person for the 1 1/2 day retreat.
More info:

The weekend will focus on girls identifying their strengths, explore helpful thinking and how they can use their strengths in tricky situations. It is also about teaching girls how to feedback and conversation skills.

Why Strengths?

A character strength is not only what you are good at. It’s what makes up your character. For example, I may be good at art but that is not my character strength. It is all the traits that makes you good at art.

There is a tonne of evidence to suggest that focusing on a child's strengths is really important for improving mental and physical health, happiness and self-worth.  That certainly does not mean we ignore the things a child is not good at. However, it does mean a balance of strengths spotting.

From a very early age we are taught to be problem solvers and focus on what needs to be fixed and ignore the stuff that is going well. So, the challenge as parents is to balance our focus and challenge ourselves to focus on our child's strengths as well.

The Retreat   

In our warm and welcoming environment, we do all we can to make each girl feel relaxed and comfortable in the studio. Our activities are designed to allow a space for all personality types to feel "safe" and heard.

This is not a lecture style weekend but guided facilitation using a number of fun and creative sessions to explore and reinforce the key messages of the course. For example, included in our weekend activities, the girls will:

  • decorate their strengths calico tote bag;
  • be introduced to art journaling and zentangle creations;
  • learn yoga and energy exercises;
  • use interesting questions to discover a unique connection with someone on the retreat;

As a further example, one of our activities is drawing and this activity alone gives us ample opportunities to explore how each girl responds to making mistakes and apply new thinking to "make something great from a mistake".

The girls will also be given a 15-20 minute homeplay where they will teach a parent about helpful thinking in tricky situations.

We also invite you to a 45-minute session for parents on the first day to come in where we will assist you to:

  • understand the importance of strengths based parenting;
  • give you some tools to focus on strengths; and
  • assist your daughters apply helpful thinking after the course.

Meet the Facilitator
Fiona Perella, Art of Resilience
Fiona Perrella is a Life Coach who has worked with organisations, individuals and kids for over 20 years to assist people challenge their thinking and change their behaviour to achieve success.  In 2012, she established Art of Resilience which works with children, parents and educators using art to develop confident and strong children using the principles of positive psychology.